Climate change became one of the most important environmental and social question through the last decades and in 2019 crucial challenges await humankind. The building industry has a great responsibility in the question as the built environment has a huge impact on the natural environment, and the building industry gives 23% of the world’s carbon emission. The experts of Paulinyi-Reith & Partners collected the most important environmentally conscious architectural trends of 2019 which can be used to fight against climate change from the field of building industry.

Those trends that are considering the effects of architecture on nature and on people as well and react to these with innovative technological and architectural solutions were becoming more significant in 2018. Green architectural solutions will gain more importance in 2019 which will be strengthened by new policies and changing customer demands as well as by the experts of the industry. The globally appearing trends can be classified in five categories but their goals are the same: to create a livable, sustainable environment.

The detailed description of the trends can be read here.

In connection with the published article, Dr. András Reith was the guest of Kossuth Radio. He talked about green building certification systems, the economic return of energy-conscious buildings and when does it worth it to build a passive house. Listen to the interview here from 09:36:00.