We had the chance to present two buildings at the Construction Industry Excellence Awards Winners' Conference, held on 8 March by the National Association of Construction Contractors (ÉVOSZ), where projects that were awarded the Construction Industry Excellence Awards at last year's Annual General Meeting were presented by experts, including István Vámossy, Project Director, representing our firm. He also spoke about the prestigious Budapest One office building and the Etele Plaza shopping centre.

Situated at the junction of Őrmező and Kelenföld, Budapest's largest multimodal transport hub, the two buildings are now key elements of the area, both ideal meeting points for the city's residents or for those travelling up from the agglomeration.

The 65,000 square metre Budapest One office park was designed with sustainability and future-conscious design in mind, with land use considerations, acoustic design and wind impact all playing a key role in how the building's form will evolve. The house has been designed with a focus on large green spaces, roof gardens and green terraces, creating communal spaces open to all.

In Etele Plaza, too, green surfaces and natural light make the atmosphere more pleasant for visitors, and our aim was to make the building not only a shopping centre but also a meeting place and community space, where even passengers transferring from the surrounding public transport can spend their waiting time in a cultured, covered environment. The whole building provides a barrier-free, accessible environment for visitors with special needs, including people with disabilities, and a world first for visually impaired, blind and partially sighted visitors, with a home-designed, world first system to help them find their way around.