Working methods

Integrated Design Process (IDP)

Integrated Project Delivery is an operating model offered by our company that integrates participants, systems, business structures and processes throughout the project, utilizing the synergy of common knowledge. Every participant is a part of the process from the initial stage, making it possible to optimize the results of the project as well as to maximize its efficiency at each stage of design and implementation. The Integrated Design Process is a tool for implementing the above mentioned IPD operating principle. It is a design process which is used for complete and multidisciplinary processing of a design work.

Parametric design

The parametric design which brought a revolutionary change in the design practice is based on the connections between parameters and geometry. In essence, we can modify the full geometry by changing the parameters and this gives us the opportunity to examine the possible formal and functional variations. With this method, a wide range of possible solutions can be already analyzed and evaluated in the design phase resulting in finding the optimal solution.

Building Information Modeling

BIM* (Building Information Modeling) is a single database for the elements of buildings and the related preparation, design, construction and operation data which is also applicable for 3D modeling as well as a multidimensional controlled process of its development. BIM-based design, in addition to meeting the quality expectations of the contemporary architectural projects, also helps the Client in finding the most efficient (time), economical (cost) and most reliable (predictability) solution. This method is applied, among other things, during the investment management, designing, construction, and operation processes.

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