At this year’s Portfolio Smart City conference, where P-RP was represented by Dr. András Reith, Founding Partner and Director of Sustainability, and Szilvia Bősze, Business Development Director, we could learn that cities are facing such a revolutionary change as the spread of the car brought 70-80 years ago.

This year’s Smart City conference was organised with the motto “Hungarian cities in focus”, where invited experts discussed the topic in presentations and roundtable discussions. Dr. András Reith explained in his presentation titled SMART city - SMART design, why is it important that the term of smart city is interpreted together with sustainability. The expert pointed out as well why is it important to motivate municipalities and investors to take into account non-monetized aspects. During the discussion involving him, titled Urban development in focus, participants analyzed the effects of technological development, acceleration of communication, transformation of transport, artificial intelligence, data analyzation and digitalization to our everyday life.

Part of the afternoon programme was the roundtable networking moderated by Szilvia Bősze, titled Strategy before becoming smart - City Planning. During this programme, participants were looking for answers to questions like what kind of city would the like to live in, what leads to a well thought out and well built smart city development strategy, or what is the development practice of smart cities be like in Hungary and abroad.