'Who says you can't change the world?' - is the motto of Earth Day, which we celebrate every year on 22 April around the world.

The first thing we want to change is our industry. The existing building stock is currently responsible for 36% of the EU's CO2 emissions, with 75% of buildings not sufficiently energy efficient. As architects, we can do a lot for the planet by modernising outdated, energy-intensive buildings.

With the Energy Quick Scan (EQS) service developed by our office, it is easy to carry out a quick energy retrofit analysis of an existing property portfolio and identify the technical interventions that can upgrade the building to a higher energy class. Based on machine learning and data, our service can perform in-service and end-of-life quick analysis and outline different scenarios. This significantly speeds up the planning of renovation, saving investors a lot of time and money, and ultimately resulting in an energy efficient building with a smaller CO2 footprint and less impact on the Earth's ecosystem.