After the moon base plans unveiled in 2022, we are once again involved in a major space project, having signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) last December under the Space for Green Construction program, which will allow us to use satellite Earth observation data to study the urban microclimate phenomenon and develop solutions to reduce the thermal insulation effect.

Our firm is using advanced simulation tools to improve the energy efficiency of property developments, and we are now using space technology to help. The project aims to develop a solution that uses satellite earth observation imagery to map urban thermal performance, in order to improve the efficiency of existing predictive simulations. The implementation will also involve experts from Envirosense, another Hungarian company, who will assist us in processing the satellite imagery and developing the map set. The commercial development project is part of and is funded by the ARTES BASS program of the European Space Agency.

Minimizing the urban heat island effect offers a major opportunity to reduce carbon emissions from the construction industry. With the impact of climate change, cooling warming cities with current technology could produce up to 60 percent more carbon emissions than heating by 2050. With HeatScape Resolve, a service which will be based on data from the joint project with ESA. This solution will provide designers with a problem map, help in analysis of plans to mitigate urban heat island effects and aid in tracking results. The service will be complementary to the energy simulation models used by our firm to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and city districts and increase the value of investments. Satellite imagery will provide extremely valuable data for this development, which we will be able to use over the next year.

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Paulinyi & Partners Group will collaborate with the European Space Agency (ESA) from December 2023, in the framework of the tender "Space for Green Construction". The research conducted by Hungarian experts will focus on the use of earth observation data obtained in space, to improve urban climate. The commercial development activity is performed under a programme of, and funded by, the European Space Agency and is carried out under the ARTES BASS programme. The views expressed in this publication can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Space Agency.