Orsolya Vass, our interior design project manager, shared her thoughts on the relationship between design and technology at a roundtable discussion between Elektro-Kamleithner Kft. and EKINEX.

The energy crisis has made energy efficiency one of the primary considerations in building design, but in our firm it has been a focus for years because of our sustainable and environmentally conscious approach. Fortunately, we have simulation models that allow us to predict a number of factors throughout the lifecycle of a building, so we can apply the most energy-efficient solutions while still keeping the design human-centred.

We work along a conceptual design approach, of which the built environment, furniture and mechanical engineering are an important part. We see the interior as a whole, so we always take a unified design approach to the entire interior. An important part of our job is to ensure that not only the big picture, but also the details are tailored to the needs of the client and then the user.