Once again, Budapest ONE and Etele Plaza received prestigious awards, the former in the Office Building category and the latter in the Commercial and Hospitality Building category, winning this year's Construction Industry Excellence Awards. The competition was held for the overall realisation of the building, with the Jury awarding the prize not only to the designers but also to the development and construction partners.

The two public buildings designed by our firm have already been successful in numerous national and international competitions, and the recent Construction Industry Excellence Awards also reflect the fact that Budapest ONE and Etele Plaza have rightly earned the recognition of construction professionals.

Located at the largest multimodal transport hub in Budapest, the two buildings have created an axis at the junction of Őrmező and Kelenföld that will define the image of the new city centre being built there. Thanks to its wave-line design and its facade of coloured lamellas, Budapest ONE is a unique phenomenon not only in the capital but also at national level. Its environmentally friendly design and services open to local communities make it truly people-centred. Etele Plaza is Hungary's first smart plaza, which has raised the profile of retail and service buildings in Hungary to a new level. The visually exciting spatial structure of the facility is a departure from the traditional boxed layout, and its 900 m2 glass wall is unique in its appearance among domestic shopping malls.