On the 3rd of October, 2017, the foundation stone of Pannon Park project has been laid. The three lead architects, Dr. Gergely Pauliny, Dr. András Reith and Anthony Gall also witnessed the burying of a time capsule. As more and more space is required by the unprecedented urban growth worldwide, the natural environment suffers exponentially. Preserving and displaying the Earth’s astonishingly rich biodiversity for the future generations have never been more important. Accordingly, the number of zoos grows yearly. The new Biodome designed for the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden will be the largest of its kind in Europe, aiming to create a new sustainability standard in the field and create new ways for the upcoming generations to connect with nature. Aside from the size of the building, the biggest challenge was to design for both the comfort demands of visitors and employees, and that of the 160 animal and hundreds of plant species. The designers responded to these challenges with the complex use of advanced technologies and integrative planning process (IDP).