Our company's Chairman of the Board, Dr. Gergely Paulinyi held a presentation on thePortfolio Property Investment Forum 2014 Conference, where more than 60 other speakers gave presentations on the real estate event of the year. The event was organized for the 10th time this year. The hot topics in this year were:
  • Senior CEE roundtable - Leading European investors, developers and bankers
  • Hungarian Investors’ Roundtable - Local real estate funds are more and more active
  • Earthquake in the bank sector – Who is willing to finance new projects?
  • Bad Bank will be established in Hungary - Details, challenges, opportunities
  • The battle between airports and cities in Central Europe
  • Budapest to organize the European Football Championship – Sport investments and hotel developments
  • Project Speed Session: 7 minutes presentations
  • The residential market takes off: are the new developments coming as well?
  • FM and PM at one table
  • E-Commerce: impacts on retail and logistics
  • Budapest 2020 roundtable
The list of the speakers and the companies on the conference can be found on portfolio.hu