Etele Plaza, executed by Futureal, has been awarded the Austrotherm Special Prize for Energy Efficiency at the Media Architecture Awards Gala. The design of Hungary's first smart plaza has focused on sustainability and the creation of quality community spaces, which receive much more natural light and offer more green space for visitors than previous generation plazas.

In the environmentally friendly Etele Plaza, the public can enjoy a colorful display of plants, ornamental grass, shrubs and trees spread over almost 4,000 square meters. The terrace connected to the largest communal space of the building, the restaurant's consumer space, links the full-fledged roof garden outside and the canopies of the Etele Road park behind it to the interior. The split spaces, the natural light and the presence of living plants give visitors a varied and welcoming experience, making the plaza an ideal venue for business meetings and social gatherings.

The design has also prioritised energy efficiency, minimising light pollution and direct environmental impact, incorporating durable materials and promoting waste recycling. The building is accessible for the disabled, blind and visually impaired and the entire complex is touch-free.

Congratulations to all our colleagues and partners working on the project!