Monumental constructions are reshaping Kelenföld. The unique, waved shapes of Budapest ONE designed by Paulinyi-Reith & Partners give a dynamic and harmonic impression at the same time, while the Etele Plaza on the other side of the railways is being built, based on the design of P-RP as well, as an extremely important link in the commercial and entertainment industry of Újbuda. Further development of the area is possible due to the realization of the “super hospital” of Dél-Buda and a multimodal transport hub.

The Kelenföld railway station and its surrounding area is continuously developing since the reconstructions of 2014 in which the final station of the M4 subway has an important role. Kelenföld is going through a monumental urban development process with several significant investments as part of it. The buildings designed by Paulinyi-Reith & Partners for the area differ greatly from each other but they also complement each other.

The two buildings on the two sides of the railways are complementing each other in function. Etele Plaza will provide recreational, shopping, dining and other services for the inhabitants of the area and the 6.000 - 10.000 employees of Budapest ONE. Furthermore it will become the western service gate of Budapest for people arriving by train or car to the city.

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