Family-friendly hotel, Zamárdi

The planned hotel complex can be divided into two units: the hotel building and separated villas and apartments. Buildings are separated from each other by an artificial lagoon, which also connects the units at the same time.

Location, volume and functional system of the hotel building on the site is determined mainly by the panorama onto Lake Balaton and the waterfront building site. Building volume is curvy and organically winding, and thus one side is looking onto the lake, while the other side is orientated towards the lagoon. On the street side of the lagoon villas, smaller buildings of indoor sports facilities and a separated smaller spa and beauty saloon for adults are situated, while apartment houses can be found next to the main street.

On the ground floor lobby, wellness and restaurants, the central big children playing room and smaller children's playing room can be found. Child-friendly concept of the hotel is represented by such features as a pirate ship connected to the lobby-bar, or smaller ships situated along the lagoon containing buffet, ice parlor and vitamin bar functions. Entrance of the wellness sections is situated next to the lobby reception near the main entrance, so that not only guests of the hotel, but also other visitors can reach it.

On the ground floor of the central building, connected directly to the garden, playhouses for children, fulfilling all children's needs, a mini cinema, nursery and children's workshops are situated. Central unit of the children's area is an atrium-like, multi-storey space, where slides and climbing walls start from the full panorama roof-terraces Sky Bar.

The exterior of the hotel building follows 21st century trends, its characteristics being the streamlined, dynamic forms and quality building materials of high standards. Colorful facade refers to thechild-friendly hotel theme, but we do not want to depict story figures or any other pictures here.

During planning we aimed to create an energy-conscious building. On the roofs solar collectors can be placed. The flat roofs are mainly green roofs, which besides being aesthetically pleasing, are also environment conscious and improve heating insulation of the building.

Project data

  • Name

    • Family-friendly hotel, Zamárdi
  • Project start year

    • 2009
  • Location

    • Zamárdi, Hungary
  • Function

    • Public building
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