Istvánmező rehabilitation

The current state of Istvánmező Sports Centre shows a very mixed picture. On one hand the former glory of the past can be felt: The lean pylons of the Puskás Ferenc Stadium still define the overall image of the neighborhood, the Stadium designed to the „Dávid-axis”, the Dromosz and the new Papp László Sportsarena trio is a special space experience, on the west side in the sports halls active sport life is happening and on other sides enthusiastic sportsmen are preparing for their current competition. However the current state of the area has quite a few negative features as well: The state of most of the sports facilities are not satisfactory, the buildings cannot ensure the possibility of high level preparations, the whole are is unsettled, many unused areas are present as bubbles in the part of the town and the whole area can be defined rather as an isolated inaccessible world than a sports center closely intertwined with surrounding parts of the city.

During the planning we wanted to establish a sports part of the city which can not only be a venue for competitions, mass or leisure sports, but also provides a physical and mental relaxation for the citizens of Budapest. Our goal was to create a thematic sports park, which is exemplary at the international level too and motivates to the love of sport, healthy lifestyle and active recreation. We had a vision of a positive approach, a sustainable urban center in all aspects, which gives a new meaning to the slogan: „Sport is for everyone!”

During the planning particular attention was paid to respect the historic values. At the design of the new football stadium we examined the ways it can be placed within the designated area, and we concluded that by removing the railway washers and service tracks on the south area the new 65.000 seat facility can be placed optimally. With this we not only get to keep the space system of Dromosz which is special in historical aspects, but we also gain new revalued areas by integrating the brown field MÁV areas. The location of the new football stadium in the aspect of sunlight, wind flow technology and in space creation lead to the best solution. In addition by rerouting the Dózsa György street to the Asztalos Sándor street a much better traffic engineering state can be achieved than the current state.

Another important aspect for us was the approach of the site and giving an active connection to the neighboring fabric of the city. We created a pedestrian and bicycle traffic system around the new iconic stadium which provides separate floors for the fans entering the stadium and the approach for VIPs, players, media and the service loading. The VIP and media grandstand was placed on the optimal south side length so that the stadium can be reached the fastest and safest way for the special guests. The elevated ramp is a worthy leading up for viewers coming from the Eastern Railway station, The Papp László Sports Arena and from the new suburban railway station. With the use of not underground built parking lots besides these benefits significant costs can be spared. The ideal space utilization needs required by the FIFA and UEFA cannot be fully met because of the urban character and limited site area. We recommend that during key events the surrounding streets, and the currently unused sport facility areas should be use for such service and logistics.

On the west side of the sports city at the installation we paid attention to respect and amplify the „aura” of the Puskás Ferenc Stadium. The plans were designed to match the neighboring built-in size, space creation and character. We created a hybrid installation that can serve visiting athletes and nearby residents’ needs as widely as possible. For this we had to create services matching the spirit of the era. We designed the installed functions in the most economical manner, reinforcing each others’ effects developing the part of the city based on the domino principle. For this we kept and recycled the buildings that should be kept at greatest extent. The whole area is open not only for sportsmen but with the help of active use of public space the area could become a high quality green area which will be valuable for civilians too. The area can be closed off in a case of a sporting event and safety zones can be created.

Project data

  • Name

    • Istvánmező rehabilitation
  • Project start year

    • 2012
  • Location

    • Budapest, Hungary
  • Gross area

    • 145 700 m2
  • Function

    • Public building
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