Nagykanizsa Urban Beach and Swimming Pool

The development is realised as part of the Gate of Adria Programme. Its aim is to create a covered swimming pool including a 50 m long racing pool, as well as a facility which helps to realise a discipline towards a healthy lifestyle and ensures all equipment necessary for this. The facility should also make possible to organise Hungarian and international competitions. On the site of the development, located near downtown of Nagykanizsa, currently Kanizsa Swimming Pool and Urban Beach and Promenade Garden operates.

The new swimming pool should be attached to the already existing swimming pool building, and should be located on the central part of the site, letting the beach and existing pools being oriented to the south. It is also important that the architectural concept should preserve the original historic complexity of the Promenade Gardens.

The new swimming pool will house a racing pool suitable to host swimming and waterpolo contests, as well as a warm-up and training pool. The latter aims to ensure the possibility of swimming pool usage separated from the racing pool, for school and adult swimming education, familes swimming together, warming-up during contests etc. The bottom of this pool should be adjustable to the various functions. The first floor is occupied by a grandstand for 700 person, placed in an L shape around the pool to ensure maximum visual experience.

The new facility will also house a recreational and therapy centre, kayak-canoe training pool and swimming analisator, thus the new swimming pool facility will be outstanding in the region not only because of its unique water cleaning technology and water quality, but also in terms of its services.

During the planning it was an important criteria to hide the building in the parkland, size of which is quite a big scale compared to the suburban environment. Also the precious flora of the site should be preserved as much as possible.

Thermal energy and water supply of the building should be ensured by renewable energy sources (already existing local thermal well) in the largest possible proportion. Because of this we planned a complex water technology and energetics system operated from a thermal well, using cca 95% renewable energy. Our aim was to make every possible effort during planning to realise an environmentallly conscius placement and building, energy efficiency, efficient water usage and inner comfort.

Project data

  • Name

    • Nagykanizsa Urban Beach and Swimming Pool
  • Project start year

    • 2018-
  • Location

    • Nagykanizsa, Hungary
  • Gross area

    • 14 670 m2
  • Function

    • Public building
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