O2CSA – ECO village

During the design process we made the following decisions at the urban- and landscape design competition for 420 apartments social housing complex, Ócsa-Alsópakony architectural competition. We named our project O2CSA-ECOvillage:

  • - The new village will be the living space for 500 families. We treat the new village, as a small-scale social model, because we believe in the constructive power of the community.
  • - We create a village scheme, in which we help with tool of architecture the creation of the communities on different levels. The bedrock of this scheme is the family.
  • - In this scheme we defined 4 levels, which can strength the communities:
    • o family (living on one plot, which has ideal orientation)
    • o micro unit (community of 10-12 families, which has a lower-order, semi public center, open to only the families, who live there)
    • o macro unit (community of 6-8 micro unit, which has a public center at the middle of the 60-80 housing units)
    • o village (community of 7 macro units, which center is a public square at the middle of the village, which consists of the auxiliary, service functions)
    • - We defined the auxiliary, service functions up to the lack of functions of the villages in the neighborhood. With the help of this, we aspired to create local working spaces.
    • - We believe that it is necessary to create an education system, which teaches the future tenants to the local backyard gardening and to the agriculture generally.
    • - To avoid the “ghost city” effect we created the functional mix in 12/24h differentiations (residential, agricultural, service and institution, ecology r+d, education, accommodation and recreation).
    • - We aspired to fulfill the sustainable standpoints (natural ventilation, orientation, sunlight and flow technology) at the plans of the areas and the buildings.
    • - We tried to make such a big, high quality and well differentiated green areas, which not only increase the comfort feeling, but helps with the self-sufficiency of the village.

    With our proposal we achieved special mention at the architectural design competition.

    Project data

    • Name

      • O2CSA – ECO village
    • Project start year

      • 2011
    • Location

      • Ócsa, Hungary
    • Function

      • Competition
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