Sanghai World Expo 2010 - Hungarian Pavilion

We all know the pleasant feeling of excitement when unwrapping a present, and this feeling can even be enhanced if the present comes from a distant and unknown country. The Hungarian pavilion of the Shanghai Expo has an indifferent, but also characteristic appearance which raises the visitors’ curiosity.

The pavilion can be seen as the representative of a foreign culture in the Shanghai environment. Its simplified form, architectural elements resembling a cardboard box, and the international symbology both aim to enhance its package-like appearance. The well-known symbols refer both to the content and the sender, but what is inside can be explored only by the visitor stepping in.

The simple, homogeneous exterior contrasts with the aesthetically high quality and high-tech interior exhibition space, which intensifies the feeling of surprise. The main aspect of the designers was that with its restraint, subordinate appearance it should enhance even more the exhibited objects, in accordance with the current principles of contemporary museum architecture. With its adjustable lighting, and flexible equipment the hall is suitable for different functions (exhibition space, events hall etc.)

Project data

  • Name

    • Sanghai World Expo 2010 - Hungarian Pavilion
  • Project start year

    • 2008
  • Location

    • Sanghai, China
  • Function

    • Public building
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